“Tutto il mondo é paese”

The whole world is a village.

In July I will step out of my front door with my 8 year- old son, Vittorio with that spirit in mind. 

We will have only two rules.:  1, That we cannot have a plan and 2. That we must not take a plane.  Our path will be lead by the suggestions of people we meet and of those who follow us via our instagram and website. This is the adventure I had always wanted to embark on and thought was no longer possible as a mum with all of its responsibilities.  A window appeared, and we are taking it!

I have always believed that happiness comes from being able to provide for your family, spending quality time with your friends and family and feeling that you belong to a community.  Will we still believe this after six months traveling the world, staying with local people where possible and asking them to invite us into their lives? Are we truly so similar.  When you scratch beyond the beautiful differences of costume and culture will we really find so many similarities?

In 6 months or 180 days will we still feel that we are all so very similar? We want to immerse ourselves in the journey completely and want the people we meet along the way and those who follow us to suggest the next places to visit either because they know someone we should go stay with or have visited a place they feel we should really see.  

We live in exiting times when technology connects us more than ever and allows us to connect faster and more precisely than ever before. Using these tools will enable us to make this a journey and not a trip in a way that would not have previously been possible – apps allowing home sharing, currency transfer, location services and social networking will be our backbone.

Be part of this adventure by connecting us to the places and people you know around the world.

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