Our Journey

And how you can get involved

When so many of my expeditions have required years of training and preparations it feels odd to make no plans, but in a sense, all the preparations and expeditions I have previously undertaken are themselves the ultimate training for this next trip.  This is the adventure I was never brave enough to take before but the one I had always wanted to do.  A pure adventure, and how wonderful to have a brilliant partner for it! 

As a mother and child we expect to have access to a much more domestic and intimate aspect of foreign lives than that available to the traditional “adventurer”.  We are continually compiling a list of questions to ask and of photographs to take along the way.  This will mean that after 6 months we will have created a unique snap-shot of the portion of the world we meet and of how those people live and think.

Some of our questions currently include:

1. What are you saving to buy?

2. What is your favourite toy or game?

3. What fears give you nightmares?

4. What do you cook for your children when they are sick or sad?

5. What do you do as soon as the children are in bed and asleep?

6.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

 We would love to hear what questions you suggest we ask.  Add these to the comments and we will select some to include in our interviews.


We will also photograph every playground we play at, every room we stay in, kitchen table we eat at, refrigerator we eat from and train we wait for.  

These photographs and interviews will form a record of the intimate lives of the people we meet along the way, which we will share in a comprehensive body of work when we return.

In order to return with wonderful stories, interviews and images, we need you to help connect us with great people and places around the world.    When you see us close to someone you know, please connect us. When you see us going in the wrong direction, shout to us.  This adventure is about connecting with the widest community possible and we will rely on you to help us achieve that!