The first thing I get asked is “why” I want to go to the North Pole. The second is why I want to go on my own. There is never a good reason when explaining a passion. The North Pole has been just that, a passion. Ever since hearing the first stories of men who slipped into frozen sleeping bags at night exhausted after a long day of hauling, I wanted to go there, I wanted the privilege if travelling in one of the greatest wildernesses imaginable; challenging my body and mind to do so against the odds. I face a far greater comfort then they ever did and a certainty at least, that my journey will not end with a plunge into the molten core of the Earth.

A dream can only become reality when your belief and desire are coupled with the confidence that comes from experience. Working as a guide in Italy and Africa has given me a vast body of experiences as well as allow me to have chunks of time to dedicate to personal challenges climbing and racing in a variety of environments. It was not until a few years ago that after participating in, and winning, the Polar Race 2005 to the Magnetic North Pole with team mate Justin Packshaw that I started to focus on growing that dormant dream of reaching the True North Pole.

Skiing to the North Pole in March will be the last phase of a journey that has taken place over the past year. The challenge of skiing across and surviving in the most inhospitable environment could only be contemplated after that long a preparation and with the help of many people. It is only a shame that I will have to leave them at the shores of Ward hunt Island.