And we are off

Our last days in London felt as if the volume had been turned up to maximum.  I was keenly aware that everything I did and saw was for the last time... until next year.  We probably can not live so sensitized to our environment on a daily basis, we would explode, but I did think that I should remember to look and feel more of my London life when I am back next year.  Taking it in with that desire to suck the juice out of it to take with us on our adventure, I could not help but see just how lovely our life is. This, of course, made me question just a tiny bit why we had chosen to do this trip.

We were about to trade seeing the life we love for the last time with seeing everything for the first time.  That is a hugely attractive prospect full of endorphin highs and thrills, but I also embark on this trip with a fair share of fears. 

How will we cope with being everything to each other for so many months? Will I be able to provide a balanced diet for us.  I worry that I will not be able to train as often as I do in London.  Will it be possible to leave Vittorio? My runs are such a meditation for me and serve both to keep my body as well as my mind fit and both will be tested heavily in these months. 

I am stubborn. I admit it.  This adventure feels exactly right… to me.  So many of my friends have shown concern for Vittorio, “will you come back if it is not right?” “Are you sure this is a good thing for Vittorio?” “Will you be too proud to accept coming home if Vittorio suffers?”  All of those questions pulse in my mind.  How will I recognize if it is truly “bad” for Vittorio?  I know it will be hard and I know that I will push him to carry on… will I push too far?

This is the inheritance I can pass on to Vittorio.  Musician parents will teach their children to play the violin, and mathematicians to make numbers their allies.  I can show him how to be curious and open to the world around us, to find different ways of solving problems and to work through the uncomfortable moments to access your own resilience and strength. 

Only time will tell the rest.

Excerpt from Vittorio’s diary

Satuday 20th July 2019

Part One

The Beginning


The minute I stepped out of the taxi that had brought me to St Pancreas Station to catch a ride on the Eurostar to Paris, I knew this was going to be an outstanding journey.  As soon as I said goodbye to my friends at the entrance to the station I was already sad not to be starting in year 4 towards the end of the year.  That was it, the beginning.  The Eurostar was moving.  It was approximately 2:30 hours to get to the beautiful city of Paris.

When I got into bed, it felt like the longest night ever!  I was so anxious about the trip.  I was rolling around in bed all night, barely getting any sleep.


Excerpt from Christina’s diary

20-7-19 Paris

And so it starts.

After a day of hectic preparations, finalizing what should go in our tiny suitcases and getting the house ready for our house sitter – I feel as if I could sleep for a week.

Nerves were high.  Vittorio and I have both been so anxious but what was wonderful was the great way he spoke when we were finally on our way.  He is going to be such a great travel companion.

On the taxi ride to brunch he said he could not wait for the trip to be over – that he thought he would regret it.  He said it was a bit like the rollercoaster you can not wait to ride, then it is a mixture of thrill and pain.  Then you get off and you regret having gone!  I wonder if he will regret the trip after he gets off… I don’t think so.


Our Journey

Our Journey

And how you can get involved

When so many of my expeditions have required years of training and preparations it feels odd to make no plans, but in a sense, all the preparations and expeditions I have previously undertaken are themselves the ultimate training for this next trip.  This is the adventure I was never brave enough to take before but the one I had always wanted to do.  A pure adventure, and how wonderful to have a brilliant partner for it! 

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and why we are taking this trip

Vittorio announced at dinner that he would be famous after our trip.  In that motherly way you are shocked and slightly cringe at what comes out of your children’s mouth sometimes yet also feel the need to protect their lovely innocence. I pointed him to the quote we have on our board by my favourite explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton which is one of our mantras: 

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